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Issue 7 – “Founders Edition”

Honoring Our Founder Joel Gordon

This collectors issue is in honor of our magazines founder Joel Gordon, and his “Spirit of a Wolf!” The Founders Edition is in tribute to our late and great brother, and the inspiration he emboldened all of us with, to create the hardest Metal Mag in the business! This is a collectors item, get a copy while supplies last!


The Analysis of a Metal Show – Monster Aftershock 2014

The Analysis of a Metal Show

Monster Aftershock 2014


Waiting at the train station for Chandra T, waiting for her and the train to take us away from this lonely empty land. Roger Turrentine dropped off his daughter, Chandra Turrentine at the train station to meet me. I knew about Roger’s achievements, so I was blessed to have her coming with me to this event. Roger’s achievements began when he started his television career as a story editor and head writer of the PBS program “Parent Effectiveness”. He then continued to be successful in his work in The Rockford Files and penned several television movies and feature in film screenplays. Last but not least, he produced and directed various documents, infomercials, promos, music and public service.

I have not seen Chandra in over 20 years. It was wonderful to catch up and talk to somebody I haven’t seen for so long. We were traveling for 13 hours. Chandra and I went from an Oceanside train to a bus in LA. From the bus in LA, we were driven to a Stockton train. We kept going faster and faster as we went through these mountains. Finally, from Stockton we hopped back on the bus to Sacramento. We were so thankful to be invited to the show. It felt like we were revering for a week while we were on our way to Sac town. While we were traveling 13 hours between bus and train back and forth we were doing research of the heavy line up we were going to see in the next two days.

The line up goes as follows, starting on Saturday September 13, at 11:30am plays: Dig the Kid, Anti-Mortem, Islander, The last International, Viza, Memphis May Fire, Sleepwave, Dead Sara, Eyes Set to Kill, Hellyeah, Fuel, Pepper, Emmure, Black Label Society, Nothing More, Bad Religion, Butcher Babies, Tech N9ne, Chevelle, Awolnation @ 5:50pm, Limp Bizkit @ 6:45pm, The Offspring @ 7:50pm and Weezer closed at 8:55pm.

On Sunday, September 14 Fallrise opened up at the coorslight stage at 11:30am, and the following performances on different stages were: Escape the Fate, Young Guns, Otherwise, Burn Halo, We Are Harlot, Kyng, Atreyo, New medicine, Black Stone Cherry, We Came as Romans, Of Mine and Men, Unlocking the Truth, Theory of a Deadman, Buckcherry, Pennywise, Lacuna Coil, Seether, and Mastodon. Besides the last two listed, other headliners were Rise against, Five Finger Death Punch, Rob Zombie and Godsmack.

During all of our research, we found out this show was sold out. Once we finally got to Sacramento, we were burnt mentally and physically. It was 104 degrees out. Sacramento was the town Cesar Chavez came from. If you do not know who Chaves is, he is a great boxer. Everybody was ready to fight. The tension was high. I wouldn’t want to be a stupid fool and not know my history of Sacramento. What I like and what I need are two different things.   Sacramento is not a push over town. It is not a town of picking up strawberries and tomatoes.   If you say the wrong thing, they will be picking you up off the ground. But even I can adapt in dangerous cities, because I am from Houston, Texas. So we bunked down for the night because we had to be in the media tent at noon.

To get to the Sacramento Discovery Park, we hopped in a cab and on the way we went. The venue and concert was like a big picnic. There were lots of trees, picnic tables and filled with friendly people. Everyone couldn’t wait for the first band to play. As I am getting ready in the media tent, I kiss my camera and start to get ready to shoot. Chandra was in the tent setting up interviews for that day. We had a record total of 9 interviews. You can look at the interviews on the website of Balz Magazine. As for being a journalist in a media tent, you don’t want to ruffle any feathers, but you need to do your job. It is disturbing sometimes, being in the public eye. Some people like it, and some of them don’t. Though all in all, it was a great time. Here are some pictures and interviews of bands. I also wrote a poem when I was waiting for the band to perform, sitting in a barricade waiting to take my shots.


Another Day in The Pit

How the music makes me feel,

The vibration is running through my soul.

As the sun keeps shining,

I am in the pit against the wall.

I see the band playing in front of me,

And The people are pushing and thrashing around me.

With the dust in my eyes and the grit in my teeth,

I see everybody around me as the emotion is tossing and turning into the music,

I am in the pit again.

My brain can’t bounce around fast enough for I am in the pit.


We wish to express our appreciation to metal fans for their corporation and we will see you again next year. A special thanks goes out to: Kristine, from Ashton- Magnuson Media. Also, I would like to thank Rockwell UnScene , The Blaze 105.1, Aaron Akins, Andy Gould, Chris Kentzell, Erik Harbour, F&ND Crew, Jacob Gaitan, Junkman, Mike Stephens, Nicky Robinson, Stefanie Hall, Tina Snell, Zoran Theodorovic, Alannah Mcdaid, Andrew Schoonhoven, and Robbie Chavez. On Monday morning, I had to take a train from Sacramento to LA and from LA to Oceanside. Running on no sleep, I got up the next morning, Tuesday morning, to attend the Uproar festival in Irvine, CA.


Balz Magazine Issue #3

Issue #3 of Balz Magazine will be here soon!!

This will be our biggest issue yet, covering world wide festivals, killer new interviews, and metal music news
from far and wide!

Limited issues will be printed, so get your copy now. Send your address and $10 to the Balz Paypal account at Your $10 also gets you Balz Swagged magazine t-shirt (limited time offer).


International Metal Lifestyle Magazine Issue 3

International Metal Lifestyle Magazine Issue 3

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